Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Salt Lake Half Marathon

Well this past weekens I ran the SL half. I was really nervous the race was not going to happen because of all the bad publicity in the news. But when I got my race packet I knew there was no way they would cancel it. I felt a little more prepared for this race than I did the Canyonlands half. I had still been running, although, not as much as I have wanted to. Well the race started out great and the first 9 miles flew by! I was amazed at how quickly and how nice the route was. The only part that totally sucked was the stretch up State Street, it had an incline the whole time. At times I felt I probably could have waled faster than I was running. But once we got to the top I told Nicholle...let's go. We ran the last mile hard. About 3/4 the way through the last mile I saw my Mom, Dad and Bryn. They high fived Nicholle and I, and we took off again. The people surrounding the Gateway were just cheering us on and I felt the wave of emotions again, Nicholle and I finished hand in hand again!:) They announced our names as we crossed, which I thought was way cool, and our team was waiting for us! We took a finishers photo together and got our medals. I then found the Taggarts who had Jaycee and Camden with them. And Camden told me he had heard my name called, and the Taggarts said he yelled "that's my mom!" I took 17 minutes off my previous time of 2:34 and finished 2:17, which I feel sooo good about! Can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My BFF Nicholle

Tomorrow is My BFF Nicholle DeNiros 30th Birthday. And so this post is a tribute to her and as to why I love her so much!

Nicholle and I met 3 years ago through my boyfriend at the time. Our friendship came so easily that it has always felt like we have known each other for a lifetime. Fortunately, me and that boyfriend didn't last. But Nicholle and I wanted to remain friends. It was not easy...I was a WRECK and devastated. But she helped me get through it. I know it wasn't easy for her and I was a pain in the ass, but she was there for me!And I hope someday I can return the favor.


1. She is beautiful both inside and out

2. She is an amazing mother, wife and friend

3. Tomorrow she is 30 and is rockin it like she is 21

4. We both hate the same stupid people

5. We finished our first half marathon hand in hand

6. I laugh the hardest when I am with her

7. She is stubborn, and proud of it:)

8. We know exactly what the other one is thinking

9. We know people are jealous of our friendship



I love you so much and I am so proud of you for sticking to your training and completing the half. Our friendship has truly been put to the test and once again we have come shining through and better friends because of it!

I hope you know there is nothing I wouldn't do for you and want to thank you for helping me get through some of the toughest things in my life.

Your sis said it right..."best friends are like sisters!" Thank you for telling it to me straight, and not sugar coating anything.Happy birthday and I hope your day is amazing! You deserve it!