Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweetest boy

OK so usually I have Camden Crackups to post or I am complaining that he is driving me crazy, but this morning he did something so incredibly sweet I had to post it.

I was making my kids eggs for breakfast. We all like them fried so we can dip toast in the yoke. Well I has made the eggs and Jaycees yoke had broke, so I told her that I would eat it and she could have mine. Camden had just walked away from the stove with his eggs when he turned back around and handed me his plate and said " You always have to eat the broken ones, so have mine and I'll eat the broken one." I of course stared to cry and gave him a million kisses. I LOVE him so much and hope he will always treat me this way.

I may complain a lot about him, but today I think I'll keep him:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What have I lost?

This was a question that was presented this past Sunday by a Mr. Chris William. He came a spoke in my new ward for the combined 5Th Sunday. He was so inspiring and wonderful, I cried the entire hour....tears of joy, and forgiveness.

But before I get into that I wanted to explain my new ward. I have moved to the East side (Sandy), and to us born and raised west siders I am now snobby!!! Just kidding...well I have encountered a few snobs, but oh well. I have been really anxious to go to this ward because I am surrounded by wealth, not spiritual, but monetary. There is nothing wrong with that, I just feel like a single mommy on welfare cannot compete. I am going to get over that though. I have been accepted with open arms and have felt very welcome.

OK back to Sunday. Sue called her dear friends the Daniels and asked them to make me and my kids feel welcome. Ray and Sue don't go to church, but they are the most Christ like people I have ever met and I am so blessed they are in my life. Sister Daniels told us where she would be sitting and invited us to join her. Well I was running a few minutes late and we just sat in the back. As soon as Sacrament was over her and her sweet husband hurried over to us and she took the kids (she is the Primary Pres.) and Brother Daniels directed me to Sunday School. I of course stood out as I walked in and the teacher asked me to introduce myself.....I was mortified!!! I hate that! At the end of the lesson Bro Daniels said the nicest things about the Taggarts and asked the ward to please make me feel welcome. He is sooooo sweet, and yeah I cried again! Then there was a combined Relief Society and Priesthood meeting. The bishop then stood up and asked me to introduce myself to the ward.....I was beyond mortified at this point and stood out like a sore thumb!!!! Then Chris spoke to us.

In Feb 2007 he was driving with his family when they were struck by a drunk driver who was 17 years old. His wife, unborn child, daughter, and son died immediately. One of his sons survived the crash and another was at a friends house. He was a bishop at the time. I cannot imagine a loss so great. He spoke of forgiveness and love. His Mormon message can be seen here.

After watching that he asked " What have I lost?" his answer was NOTHING. That because of the atonement he still has his family that he lost. WOW! So powerful. I think about the things I complain about and i have really lost nothing! He talked about grieving, that there is good grief and bad grief. Satan is behind the bad grief. I so need to remember that. If i had to pick a day to start a new ward, I am sooo thankful/grateful I picked this Sunday. I don't think it was by accident either.