Monday, June 8, 2009

I finally did it

As some of you know I have a had a lot of problems with my monthly visits from the blessed fairy that comes to visit once a month, and has done so since I was a pubescent teen. I loved her so much! (yeah right) She would visit me for about 9 days and then leave me anemic till her next visit. I have tried various forms of contraceptive with no luck of lessening her lengthy visits. Since I am single my doctor has never wanted to do anything permanent. But I was so anemic I was not functioning properly, and my poor kiddos were the ones taking the brunt of my feeling less than on top of my game.

So on my 30th birthday (June 2) I had an endometrial ablation. That is when the burn the inside of your uterus...thus making it so I do not shed the lining (because there is not one to shed) and no more bleeding.

I have struggled with this idea because I have always wanted more children. I always thought I would me married by now and have one or two with the love of my life. But my Heavenly Father has a different plan for me. One I am not sure I like, but I am at his mercy. He must be teaching me patience, or maybe all the good guys are gone. Who knows? I have more struggled because my friends are still having babies. Tiffany had one on my birthday, Tracy is due later this year and I know Allie will at least have one more. I feel so much older than my friends, even though we are all the same age, because I am in a different chapter in my life.

Well I had the surgery anyway, so there is no turning back now. I have had a few complications, and have felt like absolute crap. I hope I will be running again soon! I have a big race coming up, and I hate it when I feel under prepared.