Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friends Forever

Since January some of my oldest friends (Allie, ShaRee, Tara, Melanie, Tracy and myself) have been getting together once a month to go to dinner. In the 7 months we have had this year we have only not gone once. I am so proud of all of us for continuing to do this. It has really meant a lot to me. Since I do not have a husband/boyfriend this has been an amazing thing for me.

I met Tracy at church just days before 6th grade started. I had just moved to South Jordan and had no friends, so meeting her made this transition easier for me. We lived in the same neighborhood, just at different ends, and would walk to and from school together. Love ya Trace:)

I met Allie when I started 6th grade. Her and Tracy were already friends and I was immediately accepted into their click. Allie and I both love to run and it has made us hang out a lot more recently, and I hope to run some races with her soon.....that is if I can catch her! Allie is the girl that gives it to me straight, and is not afraid to hurt my feelings...and boy have I needed that. Thanks and love ya lots Al:)

Sharee and I met in middle school. I remember in 7th grade gym we took our spray deodorant and sprayed our arms until it left a burn...I still have the scar. Sharee and I have had many fun nights together. My fav is when we TP someone boys house and we were all running away when Tracy fell and got the wind knocked out of her...We drove off laughing so hard that we had to pull over and she peed on the side of the road:)

Tara I met in high school. She is when of the sweetest people I know. She gave me some good advice when I went through my divorce. And I love what she said to I will keep that private:)

Melanie aka Melons and I met in middle school. Her and I have not been as close as the others because her family moved to Hawaii right after high school. She is very independent and I respect her greatly for that:)

I hope we all keep our promise and continue to do this every month. I love these girls so much! They have stuck by me through thick and thin, and love me no matter what choices I have made. I have other friends, but have never had any girls be so loyal to me. They will know what I mean by that! Thank you again girls...friends forever!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Lately my family and I have been going up American Fork canyon and camping for the day. We usually go up and have dinner. On the 24th we went up and had breakfast. My kids L.O.V.E. that they can get dirty.

We go to the Little Mill camp grounds, there is a rock that is shaped like a diamond...thus called "diamond rock." Here are a few pics and videos of us going down the rock. My sister Lori makes me laugh so hard when she goes down, and Camden has no fear!

I laugh so hard when my sis says that Cam has a coconut bum:)

My bum hurt for 3 days after doing this OW! Lori's scream is the best!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


In the dictionary LOYALTY has a definition of:

adherence to something to which one is bound by a pledge or duty

I think that a lot of people in this day and age need to understand what this means...that's all!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Reese's Pieces?

This weekend we bought Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Well Camden keeps asking me for one, (I think) but he keeps saying "penis reese's."

I keep correcting him, but he doesn't realize what he is saying??? I am confused?

But every time he says it I crack up!

Love that little man!:)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Everyone needs one!

Everyone needs a Brynlee. If you have ever met my oldest daughter Bryn, you know what I am talking about! She is such a strong and amazing nine year old!!

Her birthday was Monday (July 13th) and I remember 9 years ago when I became a mommy for the first time. She was such a good baby! She slept through he night at 2 weeks and has put herself to bed every night since then at about 8:30. And I don't even have to ask her! She is smart, beautiful inside out, and love her family and Heavenly Father so much!

What I love most about Bryn is her sweet spirit that is an example to me. Not only does she help me out tremendously, and has since she was 4, she knows the truth about her dad and still loves him and forgives him. (something I am working on a lot lately) She is an amazing softball player! Loves her brother and sissy, and me so much! I do not think that a Mother has ever been so loved!

Brynlee, (I know you want to be called Bryn, but I love your full name) sorry

Happy Birthday! I hope your day was everything you wanted it to be! Thank you so much for all you do for mom, I couldn't do this with out you! I love you sooo much and love being your mommy.

You have grown up way too fast and that makes me sad (and old). But know I am proud of you everyday! You are my right arm and don't know what I would do without you. Thank you for being such and example to me.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

So wise beyond her years

Today Bryn asked me to mail a letter to her Dad. I being a little sneaky read it....Only because I wanted to make a copy to show the Judge when I take SD (sperm donor) back to court.

It read...

Dad I've had some hard times. My Birthday is tomorrow I'll turn 9 and I don't want to spend the rest of my life in an apartment town home I want to live in a house with my own room. And I want a dog a mini. huskey and money for my birthday OK or a toy like littlest pet shops or a D.S. game like Phieneiss and Ferb or a makup designer.



Ok so we may need to work on her punctuation. But this absolutely breaks my heart. It has been 1 year since SD has seen his kids. And at this point I would rather him not.

Does anyone have any advice?