Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here I go!!!

Well I have officially been asked to be part of an awesome relay team which will run the Wasatch Back in June! I am so excited and scared at the same time. The team is awesome and not too competitive which will be nice because I am totally their to just have a blast! My doctor gave me the approval this morning to run it. He did limit the amount of miles he will let me run at a time, but I totally now have him on my side. Before he did not want me running at all... pshhh like I could do that! I have to agree with him I like to push things a little too far, but if I didn't I wouldn't be who I am.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Survive: To get along or remain healthy, happy, and unaffected in spite of some occurence...

Wow! This is the only word to describe my life thus far. I have twice before dealt with cervical cancer and am currently going about it for the 3rd time. This time I am more scared than I have ever been! I have been fortunate to never have had to endure Chemo, I am blessed that mine is treatable and is not at this point life threatening. But i am a planner and I did not plan this! My daily routine that I am accustomed to is about to change and if you know me this is where I will struggle the most. I'm just gonna to put on my big girl panties and deal with it!:)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Being a Mom

Well i have 3 of the best kids ever! I know that everyone says that.... But truly in that area I am blessed beyond belief. My kids give me hope, strenghth and joy. I still do not understand how one minute you can be so angry and the next feel such unconditional love.

My oldest Brynlee...opps i mean Bryn (recently I was informed to only call her Bryn... WHATEVA!) Everyone needs one just like her. She is the best kid. I am truly honored to be her mother. She has been dancing and playing softball... And WOW is she talented at both! She is struggling with which she would like to persue on a higher level. She is getting to the bratty stage with clothes and shoes... But she is always the first to help me and make sure I know how much she loves me!

Jaycee is the middle one. ( and yes there is some middle child syndrome with her) She is the one who wants to make me pull my hair out most days. But we are so alike on some levels that it is almost scary! *** yes mom you were right i got one just like you*** i mean me:)! She is my princess! The girly of all little girls. I remember being pregnant with her and not thinking I could love another child as much as I did Brynlee... Well yeah I do love her just as much. Jaycee is not at all ike her older sister and is content to sit and do nothing. All the while coconspiring with her younger brother against me! But she can not lie... and everytime I get mad those huge blue eyes fill up with tears and she immediatly confesses. It's sweet and I hope it lasts:)

Camden Camden Camden! He is my man! He is so DAMN handsome I can't stand it! He is the center of attention always.... if not he'll do something to make sure he is. He is so active I need to bottle and sell his energy! I would be a millionaire!!! He is playing T-ball and it causes me fits of laughter every game. He thinks he is headed for the major leagues! But this guy protects me like a guard dog! He wont let anyone be mean to me or he will never tease me. I have my knight in shining armor!