Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cloud 9....OK, maybe 10

Yesterday Brynn had a softball game. As we were getting ready for the game she pulled her hair in piggy tails. She commented that they were higher than she normally liked. I joking said, "Maybe you'll strike out!" I was totally joking and we both laughed.

The other team had first ups and our pitcher wasn't doing so hot! They walked 6 runs in. This is NO BUENO and I could tell Brynn was upset. She got up to bat and STRUCK OUT! Bryn has never struck out this year and has had fun in this league standing out as one of the best players. She kept swinging too soon and stepping into it. I went over and talked to her. She knew she was early and was going to try harder next time.

Her team scored 6 runs that inning and our pitcher picked up her game the next inning. Brynlee played 3rd base and got a couple really good plays that lead to outs. I talked to her about focusing and not feeling like she couldn't strike out. I am proud of her no matter what happens. Well she STRUCK OUT AGAIN!!! She didn't even swing the bat!!!!! My biggest thing is if you are going to strike out...strike out swinging. I talked to her and was a little upset and she knew she should have swung. ( I sometimes get a little competitive and should just shut up)

The next inning went by well and we were ahead. It comes about time for Brynn to bat for the 3rd tome and I joking said let's change your hair. So she pulled it back in 1 pony and went up to bat. I know the other team was thinking, " easy out!" "this girl has struck out twice already!" They even move in from the out field. The first pitch was thrown and SMACK!!!!! That ball went clear out to right field. Brynn wasn't even paying attention to the base coaches and headed straight to 3rd base. I really thought she would stop there, but I was a huge grin on her face as she headed for home!! I was jumping and screaming and she was smiling SOOOO BIG!!!
FIRST HOME RUN EVER!!!!!! I am one proud MAMA!!! Oh did I mention the bases were loaded? GRAND SLAM!!!!!

Several parents came up to her after and congratulated her! Even the Ump said awesome job as she came across home. She has been on cloud 9 since!!! Sue came to the game and I was so glad she got to see her hit it!

Well today Brynn found her cell phone she had lost since Nov. So I think she has officially moved up to cloud 10. If there is such a thing!!!

Love Brynn so much and hope nothing can bring her down!