Thursday, January 14, 2010


I forgot to take any pictures on Christmas. It could have been the 15 hours of sleep that I had had in 5 days, or the fact that I was an absolute grump! I hate that I didn't enjoy this Christmas like I have in the past. But I did have a couple if people that did make my Christmas amazing!!

I have 2 friends that mean a lot to me.... I haven't always liked one of them, but it's ok because she didn't always like me either. :) These 2 are the most unselfish, loving, best people in the world. Last December Jaycee was going through some things that really affected our family, probably me the most because I blamed myself. When it was all said and done, she is fine and so am I. Phew!

These 2 friends helped me last year too...They showed up at my apt with a gift card, stuff to make an AWESOME dinner and treats for the kids. They helped me more that December than anyone else. I love them so much. I tried to thank them, and they told me to "pay it forward" when I could. They knew what it was like for a single mom (they had been raised by one) and they just wanted to help. I honestly don't know if I have ever met more caring people...they expect nothing in return.

Well this November one of them text me and asked if they could be secret Santa’s to my kids. I was shocked! They had already done so much. I then felt guilty that I was such a burden on my friends, but then quickly realized that this was a blessing.

I was expecting a large amount of money from my ex. I got a small portion, but only about 1/5 of what it should have been. I hoped that I would be able to find another way to do Christmas. I was upset that my kid’s dad has never bought them a Christmas present, and that he never would help me out. I knew I could do some, but it wouldn't be a lot. Then that text came and I knew it was an answer to my prayers.

A couple weeks before Christmas my friends stopped by with the gifts. HOLY CRAP there was a lot!!! More than we deserved and more than I expected!!! My kids were thrilled! I was so humbled by their unconditional love for us, and I know times are hard for everyone...but they went overboard!

I am so thankful for these friends. I love them and promise that someday I will "pay it forward".

Here is a portion of the email that they sent me. Thank you again!

We are so glad we CAN do this for you! ____ and I do sub for santa every year and this year we decided we wanted to help out someone we knew. _____ and I know how hard it is for a single mom expecially these days. Just know that it makes us feel good to be able to help out! I know exactly which dolls you are talking about for the girls so we will pick up some things. And we will definitely get the boots. Doug wants to know if you have a Christmas tree because he would love to get you guys a real one this year.

If you can think of anyting else just let me know, otherwise I will just pick up a few extras - and don't you worry about us not having to do this - we want to do this!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I entered this contest! I get entered twice if I blog about it! So I did because I really want to win!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not the best

This year has not been the best for little Jaycee. In the summer she had some test done because she had acid reflux, and it came back that she had an infection in her intestines in addition to a few other things.

Well Tues 12/22 the school called to say that she was in the office with a I quickly went and picked her up and headed straight to the doctor. I didn't want to be messing around with any kind of sickness with Christmas only a few days away.

She was tested for strep and a UTI...and they both were positive. The doctor said her UTI was really bad and that that is what was causing her 103 degree temp. She wrote us a prescription and we headed home.

It had snowed all day and traffic was a nightmare. It took me 2 hours to fill her prescriptions and drive home...YUCK! To say the least I was FRAZZLED! I made dinner, bathed Jaycee, gave her meds and headed to bed myself.

Jaycee had fallen asleep in the family room and I just couldn't see the sense in moving her...she looked so peaceful. I got in the shower and went downstairs to check on her one more time, she had peed through about 6-8 blankets that she was laying on, so I woke her up, started the washer and put her in the tub. When I got her all ready for bed again I put her in bed with me.

Well about 25-45 minutes later I had dosed off and was woken up by Jaycee throwing up on me and everything in my room. It was pretty gross and looked like something you would see in a movie!! So so so so GROSS!

So I got her bathed and ready for bed again, started the washer again and put her in her bed. She drifted off to sleep...Me I folded laundry and started the washer again.

About an hour later Jaycee had had another accident!!! UGH! I then moved Bryn to Camden’s bed and put her in Bryn’s bed...yeah she threw up in Bryn’s bed!!! I seriously in all my days as a mother have never had a night like this!!! Pure HELL!

Needless to say this continued throughout the night...I did make a call to the afterhours Doctor on call ( who happened to be our Pediatrician )advised me to bath her again to get her fever down, but he did want to see her in the morning.

So Wednesday morning we headed to the Doctor again...her fever was 104 and she was extremely dehydrated. They tried 3 times to get an IV in her, she screamed!!! I had to hold her down all 3 times :( Poor Camden could not handle all the trama in the room and I saw him screaming into his coat :( I felt so bad for him; he just didn't know how to help his sissy.

They Dr put antibiotics in her IV and said if she did not show improvement by that night he wanted us to go to Primary's. He left the IV in because he wanted to see her Thursday morning and possibly give her more fluids, and just in case she did need to go to Primary's.

In true Melissa bad luck...we ended up at Primary's. Her fever was 105 by the time we got there and they admitted her right away. My sweet sweet dad drove up to give her a grandfathers blessing.
She made me lay in the bed with her and since she was fevering and so hot, all I did was sweat all night. Every time I tried to move she woke up. At this point I hadn't slept in 2 days. I was exhausted!! Bryn and Camden were at the Taggarts, and I was so thankful that I didn't have to worry about them.

Jaycee was released Thursday evening and we headed straight to the Taggarts so Jaycee could get her PJ's from Santa. She was so surprised to know that Santa had known she had just come from the hospital. I do not even remember being at the Taggarts because I had NO sleep. We quickly headed home so the kids could get to bed...Oh but my little Camden could not fall asleep!! I kept telling him that he would miss such luck! He really was trying though, so I wasn't mad.

I still had presents to wrap, but couldn't get them done till he was asleep. He fell asleep shortly after 1am and I got to bed about 3am. Camden woke me up at 7am....Only 4 hrs of sleep. I survived the day, but I was miserable. I was an absolute grump!! I feel badly about it now, but I couldn’t help it. I hope my kids don't remember me being that grumpy:(

Overall Christmas was great and I will post more this next week! :)