Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DrEaM lOvEr(s)

So I have 3 men that I am seriously in L.O.V.E. with! I just don't know who to pick?

I love Bill Rancic. He is HOT and a good husband. I kinda have a crush on his wife too!

Dermot oh Dermot. I think I truly just love his name. He is not a huge actor, but he has been in some of my favorite T.V. shows as well. He is dreamy!

Joshy! He has been in some of my favorite movies and he seems so down to earth. I have a HUGE crush on him:)

I think I just needed an excuse to post hot men on my page:)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This past weekend I participated for the 4Th year in an annual auction for Burn Camp. I love how generous people are and know that the money they spend is well spent on these amazing kids.

But there is a conflict. (of course there is, this is ME we are talking about) I am the only one that is LDS. This has been hard for me because I L.O.V.E them...all of them. It is hard to be around people who drink. I have drank in the past (hey I went through a divorce, don't act so surprised) jk that is NOT an excuse, but I have a past. One I regret a lot of. I feel like sometimes it would be easier for me to choose the other lifestyle. I feel like this is a fight for I am not sure I can win. The auction went well, but I forgot half my clothes. Oh well...I am glad it is over.

I went to church today. I only got 3 hours of sleep because of the time change and the auction. I LOVE my bishop! He is a wise man. He loves me...he knows of my struggles even though I don't talk about them. He understands and councils me. I feel torn until I talk to him. Then is know exactly what I want and I know I wont settle.

He related my struggles to running. I love to run! I don't run often enough...this will change:)

He said, " You're running a marathon, not sprinting." I need to remember that and pace myself.