Sunday, March 13, 2011


This past weekend I participated for the 4Th year in an annual auction for Burn Camp. I love how generous people are and know that the money they spend is well spent on these amazing kids.

But there is a conflict. (of course there is, this is ME we are talking about) I am the only one that is LDS. This has been hard for me because I L.O.V.E them...all of them. It is hard to be around people who drink. I have drank in the past (hey I went through a divorce, don't act so surprised) jk that is NOT an excuse, but I have a past. One I regret a lot of. I feel like sometimes it would be easier for me to choose the other lifestyle. I feel like this is a fight for I am not sure I can win. The auction went well, but I forgot half my clothes. Oh well...I am glad it is over.

I went to church today. I only got 3 hours of sleep because of the time change and the auction. I LOVE my bishop! He is a wise man. He loves me...he knows of my struggles even though I don't talk about them. He understands and councils me. I feel torn until I talk to him. Then is know exactly what I want and I know I wont settle.

He related my struggles to running. I love to run! I don't run often enough...this will change:)

He said, " You're running a marathon, not sprinting." I need to remember that and pace myself.

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