Saturday, February 26, 2011


Jaycee had her surgery this last Thursday. This day was bittersweet for me. I am hoping this "STING" procedure helps her infections and protects her kidney, but my baby girl was having surgery!!!!!!!

The left side if Jaycees bladder re flux's back up into her kidney.(think acid reflux) This would be the yucky stuff the kidney filters, and so that yucky stuff gets caught in her kidney causing kidney, bladder, and urinary tract infections. NOT FUN STUFF!

Jaycee potty trained fairly quickly, but always had accidents. This frustrated me to NO end!! I tried everything! I had no idea she had a problem and neither did the doctors till about a year ago....still I have a lot of regrets in the way I treated her and chose punishments. I was never cruel, I just thought she was being lazy, and so did her doctor.

So after a year of fighting with her Urologist and several more infections, her doctor decided to do a procedure on her bladder. They injected her bladder with some stuff to make the ureter opening not quite so large and paralyzed the part they thought was refluxing. This will cause her bladder to scar and hopefully repair the problem. If this doesn't work, she will have to have her ureter placed in a different spot. This is major surgery and requires a 5 day hospital stay!!! Let's pray it works. We wont know for 12 weeks if it has worked. It only has about a 40% chance, but I am super hopeful!

Thursday went great! She is such a trooper. She had to have a tooth pulled in the OR because it was loose and when they intabated her they could have knocked it out. The tooth fairy visited the OR and her tooth came out in a cup with a dollar taped to it. When Jayce woke up she was very sick to her tummy and in a LOT of pain. She was crying so hard! I cried...which probably made it worse. Her sweet PAPA had given her a coin before we left for surgery called a "papa coin" and when she squeezed it he would think of her. This was the first thing she asked for when she woke up:) Her nurse Teresa was amazing and was super sweet to Jayce. We came home later that day and she slept most of the day. I received so many phone calls and was wonderful.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and prayers. They have meant the world to me.

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