Thursday, June 16, 2011


Jaycee had decided to play soccer this year with her cute friend Sofia. Jaycee had never played before and if you know my girl, she isn't the quickest kid. She is slow at everything!!! And I mean everything!!! The last to get up, the last out of the car, the last to eat, the last to go to bed, the last to do everything.

She has been AWESOME at soccer. Loved every minute of it. And the best part is that she is actually good at it. Her coach commented many times that she was doing an great job. My Jaycee had finally found her thing! She has tried all season to score a goal, she got close several times but just couldn't quite get it in the net.

Her team the "Pink Awesomeness" was asked to play an extra game to help some of the other teams make up some of their rain out games. She had her game on Tuesday. She had tripped over the vacuum the day before and had a sore pinky toe. I told her she didn't have to play, but she was SO excited that she got to play another game. Well it happened to be against a pretty good team. They were down going into the 4Th quarter 2 to 0. Jaycee was playing her buns off!!! The other coach walked over and said that #9 was awesome and she hoped she got a goal. I was so proud of Jaycee for playing and trying so hard!

Well my baby girl ended up scoring 2 goals that night!!! Yes, two goals!!! I am so dang PROUD!! The other coach congratulated her and her coach picked her up and swung her around!! SO CUTE!!! When her goals went in her face was priceless!!! And the Pink Awesomeness ended up winning 4-2!!!


Well during this game Jaycee got tripped and kicked, she cried, but stayed in the game. The next day she couldn't walk on her foot:( She ended up having a broken toe!! What a TROOPER! Love that girl!!!

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